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The features of Vietnamese percussion Unikey.

Unikey is not a wand to help you categorize the standard Vietnamese writing but it is a tool to help you type in accents, edit fonts ... and in particular, make sure you put the right accent in the word (for example: “tiếng” not “tíêng”)

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Vietnamese language is very beautiful. The same thing has many words expressed with thousands of different degrees; The same word just changing the context is completely different; Same meaning but each region, domain uses different words ... The more you use and understand about Vietnamese, the more you find it is very lovely and interesting. And on the way to get acquainted, typing Vietnamese, conquer the Vietnamese language. Unikey is the perfect car speed you need :)

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Useful tips for using Unikey

Unikey has been recommended by the National Committee for Standardization (Unicode) of the Ministry of Science and Technology for use in state agencies in Vietnam. The advantage of this program is fast and stable.

Once opened, Unikey will appear with a red V icon (or E) in the system tray.

UniKey is a very small and easy-to-use Vietnamese keyboard for Windows.
UniKey is free and open-source. You can freely use UniKey under the terms of The GNU General Public License.

How to use Unikey when writing Vietnamese documents

Vietnamese text with no diacritics could make the reader is not only estrange but also misunderstand the content. And Unikey is here to help you.

Typing Vietnamese use TELEX, VNI, VIQR. Learn more at: https://VietnameseTyping.com/

Typing Vietnamese use TELEX, VNI, VIQR

In addition, when writing Vietnamese documents, there are some rules that need to be followed:

Practice typing Vietnamese here

Download Unikey - Type Vietnamese Software

In the download packet. Included 32bit and 64bit versions. Please unpack and enjoy.


Mirror link 1 Google Drive: download unikey
Mirror link 2 One Drive: download unikey
More version of unikey: download unikey old version

The purpose of Unikey.Info

The site aims to provide a safe and trust place to download the Unikey x64 / x86 installations, the Unikey 32/64 bit software direct editions of Windows on the side of the open source software distribution project website. Get it at unikey.org/sourceforge.net. All are provided free of charge for many years and will always be.

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Vietnamese Alphabet

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